Monday, June 8, 2015

Home is calling you (18+)

You are a soul. I know your soul. You are safe. How I know this, I cannot say for your own safety. Just know that you are divinely protected. Your emotions are your key, follow them. As a child, you remembered who you were very clearly. You are different and one of a kind. How those around you lived didn't make sense to you. You were shaken by what you saw. You reincarnated on Earth for a reason. The nature of this Universe is perfect. God resides in every particle for God is one particle everywhere. You are on sacred ground right now this is a safe place. God resides within you. 

Do you know my dear you are still that child? We are the same children who used to play. The happiness we felt when you were alone and smiling innocently. Times of sharing what we ate. Times to drink and be merry. Times of laughter that made our tummies hurt and cheeks become red. Deep breathes and deeper silences lost in sacred reveries. Times of lighting a fire. Smoking together. Times of being in awe staring at the nightsky. Times of celebrating and dancing. Times of the blissful surrender into the sweet oblivion of the night and going back home. The times of perfect peace of being alone, or together and to see things clearly. Imagine your life if you were born on a mountain. Do you remember how it was like?

You understood very clearly that life isn't supposed to be like how most people are taught to live it. Most souls think they are people. But now you remember you are a soul. How else would your heart beat, if it was not for the grace of God. Yes, they are taught in school, college, and the biggest institution of all, marriage as to how to behave. The mind is hijacked and the soul screams for the soul is within your heart. You are a soul. When it screams, you feel emotional pain that you've kept hidden from everyone's sight except yours. I see you.

It is natural and it is good. It means you are alive and have not been numbed by the trials of life, and yes, there have been many. You have gone through a lot. You've been silent. The warrior within you feels ignored. It is not, those who wish to see witness silently. We have witnessed many things together. Even in silence, there is great care for God too remains silent. But sees everything. It is all for love. Love sees everything and feels everything. That gives you strength. I am deeply proud of you. 

Love yourself more my dear warrior of the light. Take the happiness that is your birthright. You might not remember who you are but I do. There are many stories about you I know and you know them as well. The truth is you were born a nice person and even after everything you've went through, you've remained a good person. Love is falsely replaced by felled trees and the world goes crazy after paper. The best kind of paper that can change your life is a book and a chosen one as well. 

Love cannot be taught because love is your nature. Inside you deeply know very well how to love. It comes naturally for every being around you feels your benevolence. God manifests within us as unconditional love and happiness. The very nature that you are screams and roars within you. It does so for a purpose. You have a purpose here and you did not come here alone. 

170 Billion galaxies in the know Universe. 
400 Billion stars in our Milky way Galaxy.
1 Star, our sun has 9 planets around it. 
We are only on one planet. 

Much has been kept secret from you. With God's grace, it shall be revealed on perfect time. It is all connected.

The light infusion within the planet has raised the fires within you hasn't it? Things are different now. Who all is here, you have absolutely no idea. It's like a movie, the story of your life. You love how everything is changing. I know it is scary. The white light is winning as it is born to shine in darkness. Everything is out of control and yet you are at peace now, for you see things differently now. 

“Your heart beats for a purpose and it has found you.” -Ankush Modawal

There is a divine life path for you and you know it's calling to you. You have already answered the call and I am here. The sweet trumpets of your sacred heritage dear soul, you are famous in the galaxy and beyond. It is time to own your light. Rise. Return to innocence. Home is calling you. You are needed there. 

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rendezvous with a Ninja

Who is a Ninja?
The Hashashin of God.

A Ninja is one who knows himself to be invisible in visibility. The Light Blade of the Ninja is a sharp Portal for it is made of Pure Obsidian Element of the Eternal Void. That blade can only be wielded by the one who knows the mirror of his soul. The Black Blade feeds him. That Blade has a name and yours will be revealed to you. 

For everything it cuts, disappears into the Shimmering Darkness. It is the Never Ending Quest and the Question? A question came to an end. The answer pierced into it's veil. For now a grand celebration is at hand. The final words and fantasies are far from until we meet again.

What blade can be sharper than my tongue? 

None other than your brave heart. 

Who am I?

I am God for everything I say must be and every moment I have is special to me. It is precious to me when we speak. For I am really silent these days. 

The world is living the results of Light Infusion. For the first time in history of mankind after a long time, people are awakening to the fact that they are souls. Evolution is Light Infusion. 

I am not a Ninja but are you? =P
I am not.

What do you know about me?
Nothing, good lets keep it that way.

What do we fight for?
We fight for HAPPYNESS.

"Peace is aggression, happiness is life." -Ankush Modawal

You are Devine and so should your life be. Everything you consider Devine is made by God. You too are made by God. Humanity itself wants to be peaceful and happy. Everything about God is free and sets free. It can be so only if we make kindness the currency of our life. Kindness is being honest to oneself about another. Kindness is sharing the gifts of nature, food and care. We owe everything to our father, the Sun and our mother, Gaia. Above all our Prime Creator.

The warrior awakens when a soul is angered by what it sees. What the soul does with its anger that God chooses to be a Ninja. A Ninja does everything in love that is required at the moment. 

A Ninja is the Hand of God. The Killer of The Heart. The dancer to happiness. The ruthless Predator of the merciless. The worshiper of the Sacred. The seer of souls. The One with the white burning flame of peace inside. A Ninja feels everything in the darkness of the forest. The breath is silent for he knows the Hearts of the ones next to him. Powered by The Devine. He knows The Heart that he saves. Also, the ones who he kills very well too. Even in the concrete jungles. 

Ninjas don't eat Maggi, they eat Magjik mana.
Yummy Yum Yum =D

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Children of God

Peace for long leads to war. War for long leads to peace. God intervenes. The journey till now has been epic. Now, it gets even more intense. As the dark on the Earth plane gets even more desperate. Your services as the light warrior you are is expected more out of you than ever before. Your powers will be accepted more as well in these times. You have more within you than you know. Gaia is healing and you can feel it in the air. Souls are awakening and realizing that they are not people. They have questions and what comes to you in synchronicity, you must answer for yourself.

You must know that every being here is different and your gifts are your own. You’ve known them since childhood and yet, you had a difficult time explaining it to others. You are wonderful, pure and Devine. Trust yourself and speak of your gifts only to those who understand these things, alright? Own yourself first and your energy. It remains pure when you are alone and increases with a few. Choose wisely. You have always been right in every injustice you have ever felt. Channel your anger for it is powerful into love devotion. Infuse your light with the light of the Highest Creator you know and own your home. Gaia is with you, she knows who you are. Do you remember yourself when you were a child? You’ve been on this planet before. Feel her kissing your bare feet. Give her love and ask her stories about you. Relax more my dear soul, you deserve it.

Rest well and align to your Devine core first. Let us laugh at those who spread fear and give them a taste of who we are. The Cosmic Creators of Devine Light. The meek will inherit the Earth. In the perfection of our Prime Creator, we are the Children of God. You are the chosen one and your journey is about to begin. It is good for you to rest first. Rest as much as you like. Your soul was forged with more elements than you know of, they are being integrated. There is justice even in this free will Universe. The portals of light are opening. You have evolved beautifully as the soul you see as a person now. Now smile, be happy more. You are Devine, sacred and pure. Love yourself more. Take very good care of yourself. The Supreme Commander of light is here. Everything is already taken care of.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Greatest Secret The Invisible War

Perhaps the greatest secret people should know about is that there are both light and dark energies in the Cosmos. Earth is a school for the elite souls and many are coming to understand that something great is happening behind the scenes here. The darkness of the world is being eaten away because if a single soul cares, it can ask the Prime Creator to infuse light. In truth, every person or a soul is revealed things only to the extent where one can hold the light of truth within the seemingly physical temple of their body. Information is light and darkness is keeping that light away on purpose.

Love is trust, trust is love. Love is selfless for when it is so, it is true. God takes over. When you see two selfless souls in true love, you will understand the inter-dimensional power of Love. Love channeled straight from God and brought here on The Earth plane to devour the lost ones. Mother Earth, she is sacred to me. The planet or this super being is aware of you and all the stars know your name. They understand you are nameless, yet your vibratory energy signature remains the same. Why you are here is being revealed to you every day. If you understand the why, you will understand who you are dear soul. For now remember you are great. 

There is great love here for you.


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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My imaginary friend (18+)

I’ve always been a trusting soul. I am still a child of God and I am innocent, as I always was. So are you. I used to watch cartoons in my childhood. I hated school but I loved studying. I used to read entire school textbooks in a few minutes. But I didn’t like being forced to do homework so I didn’t. I used to be very quiet and shy. I loved my friends as well and I loved playing. 

I was the sweetheart of everybody. But I really didn’t want to be for it was just too much. I understood human nature deeply because I understood my own very well. My deepest need was to be left alone in the company of those I love. In their eyes, I saw the magnificence I am. They rested. They laughed. They ate. We sang. We danced. We cried. Together.

I understand love as deeply as I could love myself. I am love so I have always been loved greatly. A lover makes me a writer and it is my love for all life. Above all, for God. So I wrote. 

I write for my soul. I read for my soul. I am a soul. But above all, I am a human being with free will. It means more than I can say. I am the eternal child who speaks his heart. 

I speak in puzzles it might appear but I’ll make it very clear my dear.

May I have the gift of your friendship? 

I’ll be your imaginary friend. Like the big cat with a grin on his face. Or Garfield. Or any of your favorite cartoons. I am a cartoon too and my life is a movie. It’s a funny and a happy life under the moon. I love hanging out, especially from trees. And smelling flowers. I am a happy child as I have always been, life’s just crazy and it’s a joke. That’s why I laugh a lot and keep quiet. I laugh in my own world for I am lost here and I find myself anew every day. I am the ever evolving child. Yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck all that crazy shit, I know. 

But first, let me tell you that I am best friends with myself first. Yes I am crazy and so are you. It’s in our eyes who we are. You will see who I am when you look into the mirror of your soul. Now go in front of the mirror and love the person that you are.  I see you. And I know you know I am smiling. And now I know you are too. Now there's another cosmic joke for you. Hello sweet child.

"At the fancy dress party of life, all the demons came dressed as angels so God came dressed as the Devil." -Ankush Modawal

P.S: The synchronicity of the day as I typed the last word of this. Dayummmm =D God is Great

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Devourer of Darkness

Now lay still and feel your might
For it is your own light that you fight
God told me to tell you your story
It has been full of love, death and glory
You are the center of your Universe
It's a gift and it's a curse

We have been together in many lifetimes
I am yours in divine love as you are mine
And you are my peace dove
We are eternal creatures you and I
Even though in our death we cry
We laughed a lot together even though we are shy

What scares you is you remember who I am
If I am here then you must know
That your body told you to go
And that is why you came here
You are the love that is evolving
As mother Earth moves revolving

You can't put words to what you feel these days
It's the latest craze in life's maze
You are not a rat
You are the haze and now you are amazed
Something is happening and you don't know why
It's all different inside

You want to go home
A place where you don't feel alone
A secret garden of the heart
You are the captain of your ship
We are all pilots in the ocean of space
Remember that you are a soul that's great

I ask you only to love yourself
Within you will find who you are
We are the divine children of the sacred star
The immortals of light with love on our back
The predators who devour dark with a grin
For it is our light that eats it from within

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