Tuesday, October 22, 2013

7 Hobbies of Highly Successful People

1). Reading: 
All great leaders are great readers. Books have the power to transform your life and you can learn in a matter of hours what the authors have spent their whole life time learning. A book is your cheapest best friend and you can rely on it anywhere, anytime.

2). Gardening: 
Plants, we take them for granted but we can't even live without a few seconds of oxygen. Studies show that just by looking at plants, greenery and feeling the sun on your skin can alleviate your mood. In fact, the cortisol (stress hormone) levels of people living in the city are far higher than those who live in villages. Gardening is a great hobby because we as human beings are naturally inclined to grow plants. Anyone who grows plants will tell you how rewarding and positive the experience of seeing a seed grow into a plant is. Also, to be able to give life is one of our innate needs and results in a positive self image. Grow something and experience the power for yourself. It's highly therapeutic and it's great for the planet. 

3). Love:
All the great men of this world have one thing in common, the love of a woman. If you research, you will find that once a man is in love, he is able to accomplish bigger things in life. Love is the most powerful energy to be in because it is the very thing that holds our Universe together. When you have compassion for yourself and for others, you are aligned with the energies that create worlds.

The same goes for women as well. The partner in your life or your life partner should support your dreams and not hinder them. 

4). Meditation:
Meditation can be playing with your dog, cat or interacting with any animal you are fond of. Exercising or just taking a walk in nature, having sex, getting a massage, laughing with an old friend, all these things de-stress us. You can really find out what things make you feel positive by observing the things that increase your sense of well being, then do them often. Or else, just take a nap. 

5). Believing: 
Believe it or not, believing is a habit and a hobby. We live in a world of ideas and any idea that our mind can accept totally will be made into reality. Whether we adopt a negative attitude towards life or a positive one, it's our choice. But the results of either of these choices are going to be very different.

Worrying is using the imagination to manifest and attract situations in our lives that we don't want. Those who end up achieving the things that they dream of are the ones who believed in their vision until it became a reality. 

6). Idiot box:
What comes on Television is mostly negative programming and is the number 1 factor in conditioning the mind adversely  The kinds of television shows that we watch is usually how our life also becomes. Stay away from drama riddled soap operas, reality show conflicts and the news. I haven't watched mainstream television for about 10 years now and whenever I do, it's either the travel and living channel or anything that's educational.

7). Associating with like minded people:
Perhaps the most simple yet profound truth anyone can find out about life is that we become like the people with whom we spend most of our time with. Depending upon whether you have people around you who you aspire to become like or don't, be choosy about who you hangout with. 

Ankush Modawal, 28, is the author of 6 groundbreaking books. He is a Feng Shui and Law of Attraction Practitioner, has several successful businesses including an Haute Couture brand named Siren with designer Purnima RahejaYou can stalk him on Twitter @ankushmodawal

Sunday, October 20, 2013

21 things you should know about men

1). Men love happy girls: 
Any mentally and physically healthy man would want a lively, positive and feminine presence around him. We might not say it but seeing you happy is one of the thing that makes us the happiest. That's really attractive.

2). Men have feelings: 
We might not cry but when we feel bad, mountains of shit move within us and what we feel sometimes can't be put in words, so we just stay quiet. In fact, in those times there is too much violence going on within us to even voice it out. We are as bad ass as Chuck Norris on steroids driving a nuclear tank at that time.  

3). Men abuse each other verbally: 
Honestly, we just like saying shit to our friends. We laugh, we talk nonsense and curse each other like we are enemies, then we laugh like demons. But that's just our way of bonding with our friends. Women bond by complimenting other women but just like them, we usually don't mean our curses.

4). Men are attracted to beauty: 
If you look like a Victoria Secret model, you've got our attention. In reality, every woman is beautiful, that's what gets us curious and attracted to you. 

5). Men crave chemistry:
The next thing we seek after beauty is connection and chemistry, if we like being around you, we'll stick with you despite your little quirks or faults. 

6). Men want you to be friends with their friends: 
Men want you to like their best friends. Best friends are hard to find. Especially when 2 men bond and feel comradeship, it's usually for life, so if you're admitted in the wolf pack as a member, you're special. 

7). Men don't like nagging: 
You can nag us into doing 99 things that you want but watch out, the 100th time we are gonna explode. 

8). Men like to help around:
When we are not being bums or lazing around, we like helping you out with your chores and keep everything working in order. It's very cute for us to see you hunting around for groceries or when you are shopping. But, be quick and focused as much as you can be. When we shop, it's like we are on a mission. We go in, get what we want and leave ASAP. If it's gonna be like that, then we are happy to go with you, otherwise just take your sister, mom or female friend with you.  

9). Men have a self healing mechanism
When we are hurt, we don't talk or discuss anything with anyone. We just become quiet, aloof and are facing the storm within us. Also, at the end of every day, we really appreciate some alone time when we just do nothing but just think. At that time, leave us alone. 

10). Men can keep a secret:
When someone tells us something that they don't want anyone else to know, we are keeping our mouth shut about it and taking it to our grave. 'nuff said.

11). Men love food and sex: 
This is no secret, but a gentle reminder. People say that those who believe that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach might be aiming just a little higher, but if you are smart enough, you'll get what I'm saying. So if you are a good cook, we are already your slaves. By the way, what's for dinner at your place tonight? I'm hungry.

12). Men fall in love hard: 
When we are in love, the only woman we want to be with is you. We might look at other girls or talk to them, but you are the only one on our minds. Also, after a breakup we take longer time to heal and we can never truly forget things, but just lock those memories in a box and throw the keys away.

13). Men cannot multitask:
When we are working or watching T.V or reading a book, we are in a different reality and are fully focused on what we are doing, we zone you out, completely. Seriously, we might act we are listening to you but we are not. If you want our attention, slap us on our cheek lightly or tap our shoulder, until you do and we face towards you, our ears might be open but our minds are closed. 

14). Men love it when you go out with your friends:
When you have fun with your friends and are happy, we are genuinely happy for you. If you can do the same for us, instead of calling incessantly, texting like a maniac or trying to get our attention, we will love you more. 

15). Men love video games: 
And if you beat our ass in any game, we shall worship you like a Goddess.

16). Men too have a crazy sense of love:
If you have managed to successfully piss a man off  and in a fit of anger he says he wants to kill you and doesn't, he truly loves you. Firstly because you can press his buttons enough to make him angry, secondly, he lets you live. The same goes for women as well, if you've ever experienced bat shit crazy love, chances are you've already murdered each other mentally on several occasions.

But as an important addition to this, don't take abuse from any man or woman. This bat shit crazy love should just last for a few minutes and then things should become normal again. If someone really is mentally unstable, call the cops and stay away from abusive or negative relationships. A healthy relationship is when there's 90% companionship and of 10% craziness. Alright, maybe even 20% percent if you are the adventurous type but anything more than that is just asking for trouble.

17). Men love fixing things:
It gives us a sense of importance about ourselves. If we have even a little bit of knowledge about what's broken, we will first try to fix it ourselves. If we fix it, we feel like Superman for about an hour or so. If we screw it up eve more, we will get it fixed ASAP. In fact, if you want to get something fixed, the fastest way to get us to get it fixed is to somehow make us believe we are the ones who broke it. Men are quick to correct our mistakes, at least the ones we want corrected.

18). Men love cars and bikes: 

"You can tell everything about a man by the way he drives his car and the way he takes care of it." -Ankush Modawal

Our cars or bikes are usually the 2nd most important thing to us after you. 

19). Men like honesty: 
Soap opera type drama, mind games and petty things don't interest us, we'll observe and listen to you politely for some time but our minds are screaming shut up. After a minute, we'll speak our mind out and tell you to shut up ladies.  

20). Men will do everything they have to do: 
A man will do everything to support you and his family. Sometimes, we also sacrifice our own dreams without saying a word.

"As time passes by and we age, we try to make peace with what we didn't or couldn't do by finding solace in thinking about the things we did." -Ankush Modawal

21). Every man is a book that is rarely open:
No man will tell you this but if you really want to know, sit with him and have a drink or two, look in his eyes and ask him about his life's story. If he is comfortable and open enough with you, you are in for some exciting stories and adventures. 

In the end, all we really want is to be told that you appreciate us in your life and we can really tell the moments in which you mean what you say. So if you found this article helpful, share these secrets with other women and if you are a woman, tell the men in your life that they are special right now. A sincere thank you will do and a sincere thank you to you for reading. 

Ankush Modawal, 28, is the author of 6 groundbreaking books. He is a Feng Shui and Law of Attraction Practitioner, has several successful businesses including an Haute Couture brand named Siren with designer Purnima RahejaYou can stalk him on Twitter @ankushmodawal

Friday, October 18, 2013

How life works: Change your thoughts, change your life

Someone asked me a very profound question, "what is life?"

I asked myself that and then my intuition answered, "life is a mirror that reflects our deepest thoughts."

What we experience in our lives is our deepest thoughts, intentions, emotions, fears, insecurities, compassion and visions. Every person who lives is different on a cellular level because we are extensions of an infinite mind. Since it's infinite, that's why neither two human beings nor their finger prints are alike.

We all have the power to accept an idea or reject it in our mind, but whatever we accept, whether it's an idea of what we want or a detailed picture of what we don't want, that idea plays out in our reality.

Imagine you've typed 'life sucks,' on your computer screen and take one printout. 

What do you think will be printed on it? If you guessed, 'life sucks,' then you are a genius! 

But you didn't want that right? I hope you didn't. 

You wanted, 'life's awesome.' 

So you tear that page up and try again, hoping that this time it would be different, this time you take a 100 printouts, and guess what? They're all the same and say, 'life sucks.'

But then you see others and their life's awesome. Confused, you scratch your head and convince yourself, they must be the lucky ones.

But that's not the case. 

Our problems start when we try to change the printed pages that keep popping out of the printer but when they don't, we accept in our minds that this is how reality is supposed to be. Without changing the cause of our 'failure,' we accept defeat and that too wrongly. 

In reality, there was no failure because what was inside the computer is exactly what ended up being printed. 

GIGO: Garbage in garbage out. 

GIGO: Goodshit in goodshit out. 

All you need to change your life is to change your thoughts. Anyone who has accomplished anything great, good or bad in life is all a reflection of their thoughts. Nothing more and nothing less. 

If you are reading this on your iphone, it was Steve Jobs idea. If you are sitting on a chair, that chair was someone's idea. If you are listening to music, that song was someone's idea. We are living in the world of ideas where they manifest when thought about for long enough. 

Now see your life and realize that the things you have a hard time dealing with are the things you have a negative attitude about. Remember that thoughts are invisible but they are responsible for creating everything that's visible around us. 

So what is the mirror of your life reflecting? 

If there is an area of your life that's now working out, relationships, money or health, ask yourself, what do I believe about this that has brought in my life such results?

"You might not be able to change other people but what you actually want to change is your own destiny." -Ankush Modawal

 Ankush Modawal, 28, is the author of 6 groundbreaking books. He is a Feng Shui and Law of Attraction Practitioner, has several successful businesses including an Haute Couture brand named Siren with designer Purnima RahejaYou can stalk him on Twitter @ankushmodawal

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to make your dreams come true

"The only thing less scarier than not living your dreams is to actually live them." -Ankush Modawal

To be honest, my main goal in life when I was 21 was to get married to my ex-girlfriend, get a steady paying job and just live my life like an average Joe.

Well, just so it happens, I didn't know at that time that when we start settling in our lives for shit and let our potential that God gave us go untapped and untouched, the Universe personally sees to it and arranges a swift kick in the pants for you.

That's a wake up call for us, almost everyone gets it. And it hurts.

Now this ass kicking can come in the form of ending of a relationship, bankruptcy, death of a very dear one, a health issue that your mind has to overcome, in any case, it isn't pretty at first.

"I've got good news and bad news for you. The good news is, God gave you a very unique gift. The bad news is, if you are just wasting it, life's not gonna stop kicking your ass until you start sharing your talents." -Ankush Modawal

So when everything in my life that I thought I cared about was destroyed and I when I thought I was left with nothing, I thought to myself, fuck it. I am gonna dedicate my life to the things I am passionate about and the people who really care about me, not the things that are acceptable to society or the people who I thought cared about me as much as I thought they did.

So then, I set for myself goals that were utterly 'impossible' for me at the time I set them. Things that were my life time goals, I made them into the things I wanted to attract or manifest in my life in the next 10 years!

All I can say is that I have exhausted the exhaustive list of goals I had.

The last one I ticked off a few days ago was to attract a particular imported car I had in mind. But there were only 3 cars of that sort to my knowledge all over India! People who know me already know that the car I am talking about is one of the most iconic cars of all times, it's the MKIV Toyota Supra with the 2JZ-GTE engine.

The iconic Mark IV Toyota Supra 

Most importantly, it was the car's engine that I loved the most. The 2JZ-GTE is one mighty engine that's so awesome that I think it was forged by the Gods!

Well, long story short, I had loved that aspect of the car so much that the Universe just had to give it to me, so here it is. The Lexus GS300 with 2JZ-GTE, Vertex edition. My first imported car and a purebred Japanese monster, just like Godzilla :)

My Japanese Monster :)
Now I didn't get the Supra, but honestly, I got a car that suits my needs right now more than the Supra would have. So remember, you might not get what you had originally asked for but if you keep the intention of your goals as 'this' or something better, you give the Universe a chance to bring you an even better surprise! What a deal.

The adventure I had to attract this beautiful monster of a car in my life is just magic in itself and a story for another time. Keep in mind that Lexus isn't even in India right now, it's super rare, super fast and turns heads everywhere it goes, and the thing I had on my original goal list was to attract an imported car.

So, what I want you to take away from this little story I have shared with you is that number 1, don't waste your life on bullshit. 2, think about what's important for you and become courageous enough to go after it. 3, have goals that make you sweat. 4, remove people who don't give a fuck about your feelings, time and energy. 5, enjoy, relax and have fun.

"Make your dreams bigger and scarier than your fears." -Ankush Modawal

When setting your goals and praying, remember that you are working with the same energy that's not just making this gazillion ton planet move around the sun, but also is responsible for the other shit flying around everywhere!

It's like a very ginormous, extremely happy and super intelligent cosmic baby was playing and flung around colors, balls and other toys around in a perfect symphony. So what you consider big is just as big to the Universe as the speck of dust on your shoe. The mind that creates the ant or an elephant is the same, just different designs.

So ask for anything but make sure your goals and prayers help at least 2 people without hurting anyone else. That is my golden rule.

 Ankush Modawal, 27, is the author of 6 groundbreaking books. He is a Feng Shui and Law of Attraction Practitioner, has several successful businesses including an Haute Couture brand named Siren with designer Purnima RahejaYou can stalk him on Twitter @ankushmodawal

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Why are some people lucky and have it easy while most have to struggle – The crazy thing about Law of Attraction and avoid this biggest mistake

I used to think that life was really unfair. I used to go crazy thinking about why most people have to struggle their whole lives away for only a few moments of peace and success while others, who don’t worry, toil or struggle seem to get everything that they want. I’m sure you know someone who’s lucky as a horse shoe!


If you have ever pondered on this question like me, then let me tell you that from whatever I have learned in life and written my books on, I have found one crucial distinction between those who get what they want and those who don’t.

The answer might shock you because when I found out the answer, I was flabbergasted. Believe me the answer was so simple and easy that I thought I had made a mistake. It was so simple that I couldn't believe it.

The next question that popped up in my head was that if it’s so easy, why doesn't everyone follow this concept?

That’s when I found the reason rearing its ugly head and staring straight into my eyes.

We as humans have a terrible need to complicate things, I too was guilty of having this terrible need to over complicate, over think and overdo things. It's because it was so easy and simple is precisely the reason it's so hard to believe in.

The people who seem to have all the luck in the world believe that they can get what they want. They don’t get lost in the struggle. They don’t doubt themselves. They don’t care what others think. They just make a decision and go for it. 

Simple, Right?

You would be surprised as to how many people don’t follow this simple concept. They just keep on struggling like the proverbial donkey and carrot on the stick. There is a lot of movement, noise and motion but never much progress.

Here’s the reason, struggle creates more struggle and ease create more ease! 

That’s why when one thing goes wrong, everything starts going wrong and when one thing goes right, everything begins going right. That’s why the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. 

That’s why some actors, models, singers, salespeople etc. attract more good work and clients to themselves even though they already have more than enough work! Whatever you are focused on and give energy mentally to grows!

The craziest thing about Law of Attraction is that the Universe does not give a flying rat’s ass about what you believe in.

There are people who don’t even believe that the Law of Attraction exists and then the Law of Attraction goes ahead and proves to them that it doesn't exist. The Law of Attraction just says that no matter what you believe in, it will make it come true for you.

So if you believe in the Law of Attraction and if you meet someone who doesn't  NEVER EVER try to convince that person that Law of Attraction works or exists. The truth is if that person doesn't believe in it, the Universe will have given so much proof, evidence and manifestations to them that in most cases, they have a better case than yours and you will lose that argument.

Give up your need to be right and prove others wrong, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble. 

Also, here’s another law of the Universe. What you resist against always persists. When you fight against something, you are actually giving it more power and attention to anything is what keeps it alive.

“You will always attract and keep in your life the things you love or hate deeply.” –Ankush Modawal

So if you believe that struggle is good for the soul or that success requires hard work, guess what the Law of Attraction will bring to you before you can get success?

BUT, here’s the thing.

People get so lost in their struggle and become so frustrated in the achievement of what they want that they mess things up even more. It’s an endless cycle, until you open your own eyes to a greater and a better truth about how life works.

 Ankush Modawal, 27, is the author of 6 groundbreaking books. He is a Feng Shui and Law of Attraction Practitioner, has several successful businesses including an Haute Couture brand named Siren with designer Purnima RahejaYou can stalk him on Twitter @ankushmodawal

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Delhi Gang Rape and Metaphysics: What really happened

A person, whether a man, woman or a eunuch can only act as best as the perception and beliefs one holds about oneself or the world. I see a lot of blame being carelessly thrown around on the police, politicians, the government, media etc. 

Women blaming men for being mindless creatures who just want to fuck them. Men blaming women for not dressing appropriately and what all shit. Nothing makes sense!

Everyone's living in fear.

Rape is the bastard child of a mind that has but a need to feel powerful by being in control. Instead of calling Delhi the rape capital of India, be mindful of the fact that you are a human being first, an Indian second and a resident of that particular city third. We must change our thinking as a society if we are to ever stop living in fear.

I personally believe that each and everyone is responsible for their own life. While it is true that we can either feel happy or sorry for someone, remember that you cannot live their life for them just like nobody can live your life for you regardless of the fact whether how good or bad it is or becomes.

If the spiritual truth about our lives that what we think about the most is what we attract is true, then it cannot be applicable for some people and not for some people. The law of Thinking or the law of Attraction is like the law of Gravity, it applies to everyone.

If a rapist jumps from a building or the rape victim or even if the Dalai Lama himself jumps out of the building, unless they are wearing a jetpack or have superpowers like Superman, they all regardless of whether they are good men/women/eunuch or not will fall to their death. In God’s eyes, we are all equal and are loved. That’s our birthright.

Frankly, if you think about it logically, this is just one gang rape case that’s come to surface because of the extensive media coverage. I am not a big fan of statistics but according to them, a woman is raped in India in every 20 minutes. Can you imagine how many rape victims exist that haven’t even been broadcasted, reported or covered by the media?

If a woman thinks that all men are just sex crazed maniacs then what type of men will she attract in her life? If a man thinks that all women are nothing but bitches who just want his time, money, attention, etc. then what will he attract?

What we believe about ourselves, others and the world is what we experience. We all live in the same world but experience very different realities. The fact is, either you can take this in a good way or a bad way.

Before you choose to mindlessly react to situations and start blasting off anger in every direction, sit back and think first. No amount of laws or the severity of punishment can ever stop a man or a woman from really doing what he or she has put their mind to do. So instead of changing laws, the thinking of the masses should change.

Even if people were free to rape each other without any repercussions, or any penalty from the law, I am damn sure if you are an educated and a sane person, you wouldn't just go and rape anyone. I am sure you agree with me that you just wouldn't go out, rape someone and leave them on the road more dead than alive right? So the answer is in choice rather than in making more stringent laws.

We live in a vibrational Universe in which we actually create and manifest what we think about the most or give our attention to. This is the greatest spiritual truth that anyone can implement in their life.

“What you resist persists.” –Carl Jung

The anti war movement creates more war. Mother Teresa never attended an anti war rally because the energy of the people there is very different. But she always attended a peace rally if she invited. The black dot of shame that I see everywhere that people have put up as profile pictures on facebook, twitter, BBM, Whatsapp is all in good sentiment but the same principle applies there.

The vibration of shame is one of the lowest vibrations a human being can project and that vibration will attract nothing but crap. (Read the book by David Hawkins, Power Vs. Force.)

The greatest leaders of this world knew about this truth. Why do you think Gandhi out of all the great freedom fighters is still to this day called the father of this nation? He was a frail looking man and most would't even call him a freedom fighter because he didn't fight. But why do you think the non-violence movement in India was so successful?

The truth what most people never think about is that Gandhi already saw this nation as free. Free of oppression and violence. Remember that the spiritual law says that to manifest what you want, you must feel as if you are already experiencing it.

If you are feeling fear, anger, shame, unsafe or any of the negative emotions because of what happened then what I am about to say might shock you. You too are going to attract a very negative outcome because your bad feelings are the invitation for bad circumstances to come in your life.

One of the greatest Indian thinker and strategist Chanakya, said, “Your feelings are your God.”

If you feel there is anger in your heart, then there will not be peace in your life. If there isn’t peace in your life, then there won’t be peace in this world because even though you are just one person, you a part of this world.

 “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” -Albert Einstein

Honestly, right now my life is really sorted. I have a good career. I have some really awesome people in my life. I live in a good home. I drive a great car and most importantly, I have a good mind. But it wasn't always like this.

I have seen a very ugly side of life as well, so much so that a few years back, I was contemplating suicide. But one of the greatest truths I have found about my life is that a person becomes what he or she thinks about. I realized that just as easily as I had magnetized to myself bad situations, circumstances and people, I could just as easily magnetize to myself good situations, circumstances and people.

So I took responsibility. I read as many books as I could. I educated myself. I pursued the people who inspired me and spent as much time as I could with them just to learn as to how they think. I didn't spend a single second blaming anyone because that would just be a waste of my time. I forgave those who had hurt me. I moved on.

And in turn, I chose to become an author and write books so as to educate as many people I could about how life and this Universe works. I decided to share the same information that changed my own life. The 6th book I released a few days back (SMS 2 GOD), I gave away for free. Just so that it can reach as many people as possible.

All this I have done not because of obligation but because of the choices I have made in life. If you want to learn more about life, there are already books that I have written but remember that to read them is your choice. Nobody can live your life, not me, not your parents, not the victims or rapes or the rapist themselves.

You can still choose to be angry over what happened and be a part of the problem or either you can educate yourself about how this Universe works and live a better life. The choice is yours and it always has been.

In every rape, there is a rapist and a victim so if there are no victims, there wouldn't be any rapes. There have been so many women who have refused to fall prey and have escaped potentially really bad scenarios. Women, you should never consider yourself as victims but rather, you should consider yourself as victors.

For that matter, any crime or any wrong doing involves a perceived victim. Most humans spend their life as victims. I once considered myself a victim of life as well, a life where everything seemed to happen to me and I wasn't in control of anything. But as soon as I realized that I am not a victim of life but actually the architect of my own life, my reality shifted completely to match my thinking.

“When the mind is hot with anger, it ceases to have the strength of steel until it is cool again.” –Ankush Modwal

Only when you live a better life can you help others in need as well. If you have enough money, only then you can contribute to causes you believe in. If you have a peaceful and strong mind, only then you can offer other people the best advice. If you are strong and healthy, only then you can take care of others properly.

Learn to channel your negative emotions and anger in a positive direction. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from a film which speaks precisely about this.

 "No one is stronger and more dangerous than a man who can harness his emotions." –The movie, Act of Valor

This is my personal opinion. It is not my job or duty to change anyone’s perception about life. If this truth resonates with you then share this with your loved ones. Make sure you have read my books (especially the Black Books) before you comment and pass judgment on what I have said.

I hope this blog post gave you some peace and relief. Everything that happens in our life, we can take either positively or negatively. What will you choose to do?

Ankush Modawal, 27, is the author of 6 groundbreaking books. He is a Feng Shui and Law of Attraction Practitioner, has several successful businesses including an Haute Couture brand named Siren with designer Purnima RahejaYou can stalk him on Twitter @ankushmodawal